Your Podcast Deserves a Visual Identity as Unique as the voice behind the microphone.

Stand out from the crowd. 

Podcasting is a fast-growing medium. There are currently over 640,000 podcasts listed in Apple Podcasts and that number grows by over 5,000 podcasts every week. With so many shows to compete with, you need to stand out from the crowd and give people a reason to try your podcast.

Visual identity (a.k.a branding) is a major deciding factor for podcast listeners flooded with shows to choose from. When trying to decide between multiple shows, listeners tend to choose the show that visually looks more professional. That's where Podcast Branding comes in.


Hi, I'm Mark Des Cotes, the founder of Podcast Branding. I'm an award-winning graphic and web designer with over 30 years of experience in the design field. I've helped brand countless successful companies from around the globe.

I began my podcasting journey in 2013 as a TV fan podcaster. In 2015 I launched Resourceful Designer, a two-time finalist in the People's Choice Podcast Awards. Resourceful Designer helps graphic and web designers streamline their design business for success.

I'm bringing my 30 years of design experience and my love of podcasting to Podcast Branding. My team and I have already helped over 80 podcasters brand their shows and I would love to help brand your podcast.

After all, doesn't your show deserve a visual identity as unique as the voice behind the microphone?

Cover art is the face of your podcast.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, an yet it's the cover that draws us to pick up a book in the first place. The same goes for your podcast cover art.

Your podcast cover art is the first impression someone gets of your show and a deciding factor in whether or not they press play. Don't leave that first impression to chance. Let Podcast Branding create cover art that is perfect for your show.

A podcast website is a home for your show.

Your website is the hub of your podcast. It's the place your listeners, the media and advertisers go to get information about you and your show. Not having a website for your podcast is like not having a street number for your house. People won't be able to find you?

Some podcast hosts offer websites with your hosting plan. Although convenient, these sites often come with limitations. Plus, you can't take your website with you should you ever decide to switch podcast hosts. No matter how nice you make the site, it's never truly yours.

Podcast Branding is an independent company not associated with any podcast host. Meaning the website we build for you will work regardless of who or where you host your podcast.

Our Podcast Branding Services

Podcast Branding is your one-stop-shop for all your podcast branding needs. We offer a wide variety of design services aimed at creating a cohesive visual identity for your show across all platforms and venues.

Looking for a service not listed here? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and ask us. Chances are we can do it for you.

Podcast Cover Artwork

We create custom podcast cover art to match your show.

Podcast Logo Design

We design unique logos to help in podcast branding.

Podcast Websites & Web Hosting

We design websites to act as a hub for your show.

Social Media Branding

We create a cohesive brand across social media platforms.

eBook Design and Layout

We design eBooks to match the podcast brand.

Our Process & Workflow.

Through creating visual identities for numerous podcasts we've developed a streamlined workflow that ensures you get the very best quality designs in the most timely manner. We work closely with you until you are satisfied with your podcast's new brand.

Content Deliverables

Every branding project starts with a detailed questionnaire about your show.

Project Research

We then schedule a conference call with our designers to discuss your branding project


Our designers use the questionnaire and call to design concepts for your podcast. 


Once approved, we provide you everything you need to implement your new brand. 

Still not sure what you need?

We're ready to create the perfect visual identity for your podcast. But if you still have questions regarding our branding services, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to answer them for you.


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