Build your audience by offering an eBook or lead magnet

Have you heard the term “the money is in the list”? That's because an email list is the one thing you truly own that connects you directly to your audience on an individual level.

The best way to grow your email list is by offering some incentive for people to sign up. That's where eBooks and lead magnets come in. 

Visually Engaging

A good eBook or lead magnet should compel visitors to want it. It's up to you to come up with great content they can't do without. Our job at Podcast Branding is to make it look professional with a visually appealing design that will WOW those who get it and convince those on the fence they need it.

Ebooks are visually engaging and a good way to engage your audience.

Become the authority for which you want to be known.

Having a podcast automatically makes you an authority on your topic in your listener's minds. Strengthen that perception by offering your knowledge in the form of an eBook.

An eBook gives you credibility and provides another opportunity for people to discover you. You can sell your eBook, give it away or use it as a lead magnet to garner valuable information from your audience.


icon depicting ebook and lead magnet design

What you get

Our eBooks and lead magnets include the following:

  • Choice of horizontal or vertical formats.
  • Choice of A4 or Letter size.
  • A custom design that matches your podcast branding.
  • Receive your eBook or lead magnet in a PDF format.
  • Optimized for quick and easy downloading.
  • Promotional mockup image(s) to display your eBook or lead magnet on your website.

eBook & Lead Magnet Pricing

Do you require a longer eBook?

We can do custom orders for eBooks longer than 16 pages in total. Please contact us with your specifications and we will provide you with a quote to get it done.

Still not sure what you need?

We're ready to create the perfect visual identity for your podcast. But if you still have questions regarding our branding services, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to answer them for you.


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