Podcast Brand Audit

(AKA: Brand Health check)

Minor improvements can produce significant gains.

You put a lot of time and effort into creating your podcast. Let's make sure you're doing the best you can for your brand.

The Podcast Brand Audit is a detailed inspection of your podcast's overall brand by Podcast Branding Specialist Mark Des Cotes.

Your brand is not a logo or artwork or colour palette. Your brand is the feeling people have when they see, hear, think of and interact with you.

The purpose of a podcast brand audit is to identify the areas that are working and the areas that may require improvement in order to create the best first and lasting impression for everyone who comes in contact with your show.

The audit examines over 40 aspects of your show's identity. It reviews your cover artwork, social media channels, website, and much more to ensure everything is working to your best advantage. It then provides you with a detailed report on where your brand excels and where improvements can be made. Each small improvement you make can lead to big gains for you and your podcast.

Podcast Brand Audit Icons Example

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it the best impression you can.

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Podcast Brand Audit - $195

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