You have better things to do with your time than worry about your website.

With an affordable no worry Podcast Branding website you'll have more time to create great content for your podcast.

Why you need a website

Your new website will make it easier for people to:

  • Discover your podcast via search engines
  • Sample your podcast before subscribing
  • Contact you and submit feedback for your show
  • Approach you about sponsorship opportunities
  • Easily share your podcast with others
  • Read the show notes from each episode
  • Download your eBooks and Lead Magnets

But my podcast host already offers webpages 

Some podcast hosting companies include webpages with their podcast hosting packages. These webpages work very well for hobby podcasters or those on a budget. 

However, those webpages have limitations. They lack features and expandability available in a traditional WordPress website. Most importantly, they lock you to their hosting platform. If you ever decide to move podcast hosts, you lose your website. Why play in their sandbox when you can have your own? 

Podcast Branding websites are available regardless of where you host your podcast. Should you ever want to switch podcast host you can be assured that your Podcast Branding website will continue to function and attract listeners to your show. 


Here's what you get

Your Podcast Branding website includes the following:

  • Homepage, About Page, Contact Page, Podcast Episode List Page, Individual pages for each podcast episode, Media kit.
  • Separate Blog page if require

  • SEO Optimized for discoverability

  • Website hosting and Maintenance

  • Integration with your email list provider

  • Works no matter where you host your podcast

  • Compatibility with third-party podcast audio players

  • Show branded emails. i.e.


Do you require a domain name?

We can help you pick and register the perfect domain name for your show. Let us know when you are placing your order that you would like our help in securing your podcast domain name(s).